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Who We Are

The Center On Main is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a gathering place where people unite around shared interests, build community, connect needs with resources, and experience love and transformation.

We wish to cultivate the potential of all people by nurturing creativity, collaboration, education and growth, empowering catalysts for change in local communities and the world


The Center is currently under construction, and we need all hands on deck to get it up and running. If you're interested in volunteering your time to help with any of the construction, please reach out to

We're also accepting donations. Any way you can help would be greatly appreciated.



To be a place where people gather, we need to be near people; what better place to build community than in the center of Taunton, right on Main Street?! From folks who work downtown, to neighbors walking around, to children and youth who go to school nearby, to fellow small business owners and employees down and across the street, and everyone in-between, we want to know our neighbors, serve them well, and invite them in to The Center on Main for food and drink, conversations and friends, meetings and play. In this place, we want to discover all the dreams that can come alive when people gather together.


At the heart of The Center is community. We believe community is more than just people in the same place or having something in common. Community is people sharing the load with one another; helping when it is needed most; collecting resources and sharing them with those who are going without; doing life together, from celebrating to grieving to walking hard and narrow roads. This is the depth of community we hope to foster at The Center and we believe this is the hard but beautiful way of life that changes lives and transforms people and places for the better.


As downtown Taunton is being revitalized through various efforts from the city, the Downtown Taunton Foundation, and the Taunton Business Improvement District (BID), we couldn't be more thrilled for the opportunity to create a new space downtown at this particular time and, ultimately, to contribute to the revitalization of this historic area. We strive to contribute to this effort in all the ways that The Center is able, by creating another place where people want to gather, where arts and cultures are celebrated, where languages and classes are taught, where people's dreams are lived out, & where community grows.


The Center will be a place where education is valued, celebrated, & shared. Whether classes, tutoring, conferences, or events, there will be space at The Center for various educational opportunities. The multipurpose rooms on the first floor will lend themselves well to small and medium size classes; the open lounge area and the youth center will be great spaces for tutoring and teaching; the open lounge area could be rented for a larger speaking or teaching event, as well. We hope these are just a few starting ways education will be pursued at The Center.


We'd love to hear from you

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